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Join Weaver Wine Club today & save up to 20% on your wine purchases!!!

Just complete the member form and return to us to start to enjoy the Club benefits today!

Click on the pdf to open the Wine Club joining form on the right hand side of this page ----->>>

How does it work?

What savings apply to Wine Club purchases?

  • 3 bottle members save 10% off cellar door pricing
  • 6 bottle members save 15% off cellar door pricing
  • 12 bottle members save 20% off cellar door pricing

What freight charges apply to Wine Club purchases?

All purchases of 12 or more bottles are shipped freight free within New Zealand.

A $10 freight charge applies to 3 and 6 bottle purchases. This $10 freight charge is included and shown in the maximum charge per shipment.

What are the benefits of joining?

Our Wine Club gives you the convenience of receiving twice yearly shipments of 3, 6, or 12 bottles of our wine with up to 20% savings. 

Any additional wine purchased at the tasting room or by email / telephone will also enjoy the same rate of discount.

Membership is free, you simply have to commit to purchasing a minimum of 3 bottles of wine every 6 months for the next year. 

You also have the benefit of access to receiving wines not yet released for sale to others, library stocks held aside for you to try without need for further ageing, vertical comparisons over different vintages.

Wine Club Members have the opportunity to come and harvest grapes with us on selected days, the grape harvest includes a half day of picking, lunch and a bottle of wine.

How do I know which wines will be included in each shipment?

In the month prior to each shipment you will be advised by email of the wines that are going to be included in the next shipment. These wines will be automatically forwarded to you unless you request a change to your order at least 2 weeks prior to the shipping date.

When are the quarterly shipments made?

Shipments will be processed and dispatched in the first fortnight of September and February.

How do I pay for my Wine Club shipments?

The cost of each shipment together with any applicable shipping costs will be charged to the credit card submitted with your membership application. This charge will be made in the first week of the month of each shipment.

What if I decide I don’t want to be a member of the Wine Club anymore?

After one year, membership can be cancelled by written notice at any time up to 6 weeks prior to any shipping date.

What penalties apply for early cancellation of membership?

The terms and conditions of membership state that if membership is terminated prior to the end of the first year your credit card will be charged with the difference between Wine Club prices and Cellar Door prices on wines already shipped.

Can I pick up my wine from the winery instead of having it shipped to me?

Yes, it is no problem if you will be in the area or live locally and would like to pick up the wine instead of having it shipped, in this way you can call in to say hi & you will not be charged the shipping fees if any fees apply.

Which wines will I receive?

  • Wine Makers Selection: includes selection by our winemakers of 3 - 6 of our award winning wines
  • Custom Selection: Tell us your preferences and we will select a mixture to suit you

Wine selections made from our whole range of wines which includes;

From the Family range

- Weaver Summer Rosé

- Weaver Autumn Gris

- Weaver Sauvignon Blanc

- Weaver Pinot Gris

- Weaver Pinot Noir

From the Vintage Select range

- Weaver Pinot Noir - Row 13

- Weaver Pinot Rosa

- Weaver Pinot Blanc

From the Winemakers range

- Weaver Orange wine - Skin on Skin

How much will it cost? prices show the maximum you could be charged, it depends on what the wine selection is each shipment*

3 bottles six monthly    $116.65    10% off selected wines

6 bottles six monthly    $212.45    15% off selected wines

12 bottles six monthly    $379.20   20% off selected wines